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Children's Simple Ardas

The blood of my ancestors, my forefathers and my foremothers flows through my veins. I come from a long line of 'Sant-Sipahi', saint-soldiers - warriors with a conscience in the pursuit of Truth.

I trace my ancestry firstly starting with my forefathers from Guru Nanak, Angadh, Amar Das, Ram Das, Arjan, Hargobind, Har Rai, Har Krishan, Tegh Bahadur, through my spiritual father Guru Gobind Singh Ji culminating in the luminous presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Next my foremothers from Bebay Nanaki, Mata Khivi, Bibi Bhani, Mata Gujri, my spiritual mother Mata Sahib Kaur and Mai Bhago.

I then trace my ancestry back from my mum and dad, back to my paternal and maternal grandparents and their parents before them as far back as I can.

My ancestors fought against the invaders from the North when in Punjab; in the two world wars, and the enemy within, so that we could live in a free world of equality and compassion, a glimpse of which they experienced in the glorious days of Maharajah Ranjit Singh's 'Khalsa Raj' in the north Indian subcontinent.

I live by Guru Nanak's principles of Naam Japna, Kirt Karni and Vand Shekena.

I mould my life on the life philosophy that my ancestors stood for - Sikhi.

I invoke my ancestry and 'way of life' to be successful in life and to contribute positively towards my family, my community and the country that I call home. 

I invoke and remember my glorious past with an utterance of ... WAHEGURU. "

Stay safe and in Chardhi Kala during this 'bhayanak sema' ( frightening times).

Andh koop maha bhayan Nanak paar utaar. (My plea to you, Waheguru, begs Nanak - Ferry me across this very dark and frightening times.)

Author: Dya Singh

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