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Deepening Your Personal Relationship With The Guru

If you feel that you would like to take some time and invest it in your Self, your Spirit, your relationship with the Divine and with the Guru, then come be a part of this unique learning experience. Join like-minded individuals from around the world, with a team of dedicated teachers, to open yourself and explore how to:

Explore what Guru means to you.

Understand your current relationship with the Guru. Engage in spiritual practices to help you deepen your relationship with the GuruGet Inspired: Create a daily spiritual practice; Experience the joy of selfless service. Experiential Learning: Lots of meditations and guided self reflections; Evaluate the areas of your life that you want to improveBuild Life Skills: Be excellent in a world which is chaotic; Be stable and clear in a stressful world; Experience the Guru in your daily life; Learn how to elevate yourself

This is an in-depth, self-paced course that was originally taught over six weeks. The material requires a time commitment of around 20 hours to complete.

What people are saying about this course:

“This course has shone a new light and enabled me to reflect and visualize Gurbani in a more searching manner. To be able to see and hear Gurmukhs share their wisdom has been an exhilarating experience. I am going to participate and practice Gurbani in a totally different way, and what is more, it makes me feel so happy and relaxed.” - Sukhdev Singh

“Thank you for this wonderfully designed course. I am learning more and more to rely on myself and trust Guru. To hand over to Him the good and the bad, and also to free myself of judgement for doing a “not enough” or “good enough” sadhana. I am grateful for the honest and open sharing of the teachers. Wahe Guru” - Siri Kirpal Kaur

Time Commitment: Deep Dive (20+ hours)

Designed to take one of the 6 sections each week for 6 weeks.

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