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"If you can't go outside, Go Inside" - Virtual Vaisakhi!

I hope you and your family are staying safe and well! 

We are days away from Vaisakhi, and this is a unique time on this planet where most of us can’t go outside, and life is far from normal. 

As Uncle Dya Singh - Australia (who is turning 70 years old!) has been sharing on some of the SikhNet live Facebook broadcasts:  “If you can’t go outside, Go inside!”. 

This is a time we can spend more time meditating and practicing simran….listening and paying attention to the changes we can make in our own life, so that we can feel more joy and inner peace. We can slow down and stay alert to what the needs are of these times. 

We don’t know how long this quarantine will last or what the impact will be on the world, but if we can  join together in supporting each other and staying in high spirits (Chardikala), then we can get through anything. 

Our history has shown our community that, when faced with adversity, we shine the brightest. 

We are unable to have our normal Vaisakhi celebrations and gatherings in Gurdwaras and in the streets of our communities, however, this doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate!  Instead, we can all join together virtually! 

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