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NEW APP! Gurbani Media Center Is Finally Here!

What you’ve all been asking for is finally here!

Now you can save tracks to your very own playlists on the Gurbani Media Center app!

Up until now, this feature was only available on the website. This new app feature lets you create and name your very own playlists – add, delete and change the order of tracks!

You’ll notice when you click on the 3 dots to the right of a track in a list, or in the upper right hand corner of a selected track, it now gives you the option to “Add to Playlist” or “Add to My Tracks”. You can also “View Artist” or “View Album” to easily listen to other related tracks!


Did you create playlists on the Gurbani Media Center website?

No problem. Import them now.

If you previously created a playlist on the website, you have a limited time to import them into the app, so make sure to do that right away by navigating to the “My Old Playlists” section of the app and import your playlists

  • Click the tab on the bottom of the app “Browse

  • Then click “My Old Playlists” in the top menu

  • Enter your user name and you will see an “Import” button

A few more improvements include:

  • Larger font sizes and full-screen player colors for improved readability

  • Sleep Timer – now available for Android!

  • Bug fixes & stability improvements

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