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Remember Old Sikh Couple Dancing on 'Lamborghini'? Their Heartwarming Love Story Goes Viral

The couple first met at a friend's party

Remember the old Sikh couple grooving to the Punjabi hit number 'Lamborghini' that went viral overnight in 2018?  

The Internet's favourite couple have now shared their story on the facebook page of The Humans of Bombay. 

In the post the couple revealed that they met for the first time at a friend's party and the man did not know how to dance and had himself enrolled in a dance class. 

Describing his journey of learning dance he told, The Humans of Bombay: “I was always a shy kid who hated dancing. Once at a wedding, a friend’s aunt dragged me to dance. I couldn’t coordinate my feet and hoped no one would notice. I was so embarrassed, I decided to enroll in dance classes in college! The classes were great, but I’d often look at all the couples enjoying themselves and wished I had a real partner...not a random dance partner”.

He has also stated that his wife loved to dance back then as well and the first time they danced together was on the track, Lady in Red. It is during this dance that he realised how much he loved her, the post said. 

At a dinner that they had gone on after a few months he proposed to her to which she replied in the affirmative. The two got married three months later. The much-in-love couple till date, dances at weddings, works out together, plays games and loves travelling as well.

“And of course, we’re still ‘that dancing couple’ everywhere we go. We don’t even care if we’re the only ones on the dance floor, and we’re making a fool of ourselves– we love it! We also work out together, and every Sunday, we have a family lunch and then play board games. She’s very competitive when it comes to Ludo and Acquire. Whenever I win she’ll say, ‘You’re just too smart. It’s not fair.’ And then I’ll hug her, and she scrunches her face up!”

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