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The Greatness of doing Ardaas (Supplication) and Metha Tekh (Bowing down to Guru)

One time, sangat was joined in congregation in the Darbar (Court) of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Anyone who brought gifts or offerings for the Guru, the Ardaasia Singh (Supplicant/Court Minister) would place their offerings in front of the Guru and mention the sangat's plea or prayer in form of supplication. Some would offer money and some gold. The Guru would fulfil all the wishes of those who brought offerings. Amongst the sangat, Qazi Sal’ah Deen was present.

When the congregation dispersed, the Qazi came forward to the Guru and asked, ‘Guruji, why do your Sikhs do Ardaas? Brahmins say that whatever God does, so we have to accept, and You too say the same.

We Turks also believe that no one can go against the will of God. Then what is the meaning of this? What path is this? When You are happy with the sangat, You bless them with children and wealth. Why do You lie if it’s not written in their fate?’

Guruji replied, ‘Listen, O’ Qazi.’ Guruji took a seal, dipped it into ink and stamped it on the piece of paper.

‘One has to reap what they sow in this life based on karam. Just like the insignia on the seal is reversed and cannot be read, but once I stamp it on the paper, the insignia is now obversed. Vaheguru has placed the mark of our  fate on our forehead. However, when a Sikh bows down and touches his/her forehead onto the feet of his/her True Guru with utmost faith, then those bad fortunes on the forehead just like the reversed insignia shall be observed. Those bad fortunes will turn into good fortune. If the Sikh never bows down his/her head, then their fate shall always remain reversed. By bowing down to the True Guru, the desires and motives of the Sikh becomes pure, and their lives becomes fruitful.’

Qazi Sal’ah Deen was grateful for this knowledge, he paid his respect to the Guru and said, ‘O’ True King, You removed my doubt. Wah Wah! I have obtained the glimpse of Allah in You.’

Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed the Qazi and bid farewell.

In Gurbani, Guru Sahib has mentioned so many times about doing Ardaas and bowing down to our Guru, as we read in our daily prayer, Sohila Sahib,

We often read this Salok (couplet) when taking Hukamnama Sahib (The order of the Guru from Guru Granth Sahib Ji) or when doing Katha (religious discourse), 

And we read this pangti (line) below at the beginning of our Ardaas.

There are many more in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, but then it is our duty as a Sikh to do our khoj (research) and apply what we have learnt. 

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