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My Nitnem - A Poem By Navleen Kaur

As the sun rises and dawn breaks on my face I know you gave me japji so I may live in grace.

With Jaap sahib you showed to go beyond death and birth. No colour no creed no caste no race just your love and sacrifice to embrace instead.

Tav parsad Savaiye came next. A chapter of strength, bravery and no regret. Bellowing elephants making the call, no difference you taught me, big or small

Chaupai sahib now and let the drum beat roll giving me the strength of the soldier unknown.

Anand Sahib stole my heart forever. O my mother, make me an artist of truth and lover of nature.

Help me to help others and become a guardian of this planet, to throw away pain and allow others to bloom.

Put my hand under the stool so that you may be my groom

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